Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage and enrich the Arts, and through the Arts the Community, by fostering education, scholarship and excellence in the Musical Arts.


Our purpose is to enhance the community's musical spirit through direct support of music education, music performance and music appreciation, as well as to improve the access to, and presence of, these and related events throughout the community with realistic and ongoing fiscally responsible planning.


Our interests are in musical fields, including music education at all levels, professional performance, and local community performing groups. Types of Support include: scholarships to students pursuing a musical education; complete fiscal support of music programs in K-12 private schools, including hiring full time band and choir directors. In addition, support will be considered for building funds by institutions interested in creating structures that serve and promote similar musical arts ideals. Such examples include: structures that allow for a full, standing orchestra and choir for liturgy and touring choirs and orchestras.


Support provided for musical Arts and related programs only.