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Thank you for donating to the Ellis Music Foundation and for funding the Arts. We appreciate your support in helping to build this foundation to be a source for music education, support, and opportunity for musicians throughout the world, and to help us bring music to our communities.

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The Ellis Music Foundation (EMF)

Why your contributions are so important
How they will be used (…on behalf of others)

Why are your contributions so important? In a word, they are important because what is at stake is the very soul of a great people.

While each of us traverses through many stages of life, what impacts us early in life can have a profound and lasting effect; both positive and negative. Such influences, in turn, have their ripple effect. A society’s cultural sophistication and education are no different (no less vulnerable).

Today, music programs offered in the K-12 schools; both public and private, has been in a steady decline. In its place, many schools now offer only music appreciation classes K-8 and some even 9-12 if the school is private. Others offer only after school programs or no music classes at any level.

The numbers of patrons to classical music concerts has also declined. Local church concerts that feature religious works are nearly nonexistent and the number of people who attend them is very limited. Most Classical Church Music is no longer performed, due in part to a lack of funding which causes the use of substandard talent and in turn lowers attendance. As a result, classical artists rarely are able to have a real profitable concert career and those that do have to earn a reputation in their field in some other manner.

Where there is money in the industry or, where Pop artists have long lasting careers, funding generally supports political causes and does not give back to the arts leaving all musical mediums looking to BIG BUSINESS for monetary support, which currently without, they could not survive.

In an era where knowledge is so closely linked to power, opportunity and outcome, sadly many of our greatest underpinnings for greater enlightenment continue to recede - glacier like, with potentially devastating effects.

But always, there is hope. Hope, because your contributions can likewise have their own life changing powerful “ripple” effect. When you contribute to the Ellis Music Foundation you help set in motion waves of harmonizing and creative forces to positively and tangibly influence, for the better, life at every level for countless others. Even long after your contribution has been counted, your rewards carry on into perpetuity through our own inspired work for the greater good making music and music education affordable and available to all.

Tangible is more than just a Word

Your generous contribution and support will be used to directly offset many of the disturbing trends already outlined. You can have confidence that the full measure and effect of your contribution will be appreciated and know that a lean and well run organization cannot tolerate waste or misappropriation of its assets - and neither will EMF.

To that end The EMF will establish the Ellis Religious Music Trust Fund of $20,000,000 to provide support for building funds for institutions interested in creating structures that serve and promote similar musical arts ideals as outlined here. Such examples include: structures that allow for a full, standing orchestra and choir for liturgy as well as touring choirs and orchestras.

Ellis Music is committed to bringing back real music programs to the schools, and to that end, we will be setting up the Ellis Music Studio Fund. This fund will be used to provide every Catholic and private school in Denver, CO both a full time choir director and band director and all the needed supplies for the programs. They will be provided to the school at no cost, which will allow for no increase in budget to the school and in turn eliminate any tuition increases for the parents.

In addition to providing teachers, Ellis Music Studio Fund will offer yearly scholarship competitions to provide funding to worthy conservatory bound or enrolled students interested in pursuing a career in music. The Ellis Music Studio Program will offer scholarships, to students enrolled in the Ellis Music Studio Program, who demonstrate a desire to further their musical education and advance the power of music in their communities. Scholarships will be offered yearly by age group or classification, and awarded through our application process.

Ellis Music is committed to bring top quality classical musical performances to everyone in the world. To that end, Ellis Music will establish a touring musical choir and orchestra, paid for by funding from Ellis Music Classical Trust, playing free to the public in all the great concert halls throughout the world.

Clearly, a lasting and far reaching benefit for the greater good is something you can trust in when you invest your own inspired contribution for such worthy goals.
We look forward to making ourselves and our mission available to you in and around our shared communities.

Thank you.


The Ellis Music Foundation