Ellis Music Foundation Programs

Click here for the schematic of our 8-Point Star Singing Revolution

1. EMF gives back to the church

  • The EMS Religious Music Trust Fund of $20,000,000 will be developed to assist our local church in building a new sanctuary with dedicated space for choir and orchestra and purchasing a new organ to be able to offer free Classical Church Music Concerts featuring renowned performers and delivered free to the public.

2. EMF funds the children

  • Private lessons for children outside normal school ages and in preparation for regular school based programs will be provided on a needs basis.

3. EMF funds education

  • The foundation seeks to provide every Catholic and private school in Denver, CO both a fulltime choir director and band director and all the needed supplies for the program at no cost to the schools or tuition increase for the parents.

4. EMF leads restoration

  • The foundation seeks to establish annual summer workshops to be known as “Interlace.” Interlace will have a three fold objective: to restore the professional status of the musician and provide opportunities to enhance his or her skills and talents through exposure and interaction with other professionals and trades people in related industries and fields;

5. EMF creates Interlace

  • The second function of Interlace will be to expose music students to scholarship opportunities during summer workshop events.

6. EMF provides help for professionals

  • Through exposure to funding sources during Interlace to help augment their training and education.

7. EMF Travelling Choir brings music to all

  • EMF seeks to establish and fund a touring musical choir and orchestra, playing in all the great concert halls throughout the world. Freewill offerings will be accepted, but all expenses will be covered by the trust.

8. EMF builds dreams

  • EMF seeks to establish a medical assistance trust fund to assist professional musicians with challenging medical expenses that impair their professional careers as musicians whether or not caused as a result of use/overuse injuries related to their disciplines. Additionally, these monies may be made available to disabled citizens who aspire to study and/or perform music and could likewise benefit from medical and physical therapy interventions in the pursuit of their goals.