The Didactic Movie

The didactic movie will serve two main purposes; one is to show music history, and the other to demonstrate music techniques that we can apply today.

I. Music History

  1. Throughout the music we will visit influential composers in musical history. In doing so, we will learn how music has evolved and how the techniques we use today came to be.
  2. We will examine what each composer contributed to music and how it applies to us today.
  3. We will look at different schools of thought that exist today, and explain how they differ from what was practiced.
  4. The main focus of this section is to dispel common myths about various aspects of music history, and what that means for us the modern musician/enthusiast.

II. Music Techniques

  1. There are universal truths about music that have existed since the beginning of recorded music.
  2. We will show techniques that were used in the past, and how they can still be used today with great effectiveness.
  3. We will also be discussing some of the material that is detailed in our beginning voice lesson classes.
  4. We will look at and address the modern fallacies in regards toward how we sing and what sorts of techniques work and don’t work.
  5. Again the main purpose of this section is to dispel common misconceptions about music/singing that the modern musician is told.