The Purpose of the Feature Length Film

There are two main functions that the feature length movie fulfills. The first function is to raise awareness and inspiration. The second function is to provide educational material for future classes.

  • Awareness and Inspiration - The movie ’s goal is to highlight the importance of music in our lives.
    • Music is the driving force in people ’s lives and creating music helps people to fulfill their greatest potential. The main theme of the movie is to show how great of a driving force music is in our lives. It is the main medium in which we are able to express ourselves.
    • Music is for everyone and anyone can learn to create. Music is for everyone, not just “talented ” people. Anyone can learn to create with the proper guidance.
    • Everyone gets told no, and that they cannot do something, but they can still overcome that and live out their dreams. Often in our lives we let someone
      else ’s negative reaction stop us from reaching our goals. It happens to every artist at every age, the only way we get better is by not giving up.
    • The heroes of the movie are two, small children who can sing. They struggle, but in the end learn how to create. They have not had years of training, but rely on the natural way to guide them.
    • There are a variety of different musicians of different levels and ages, and they can all enjoy and be successful at music. There is no right or wrong age, or level of ability all that matters is the desire to progress.
    • The movie contains amazing music, newly created and older music, that people today are doing. This shows that real music is alive in our modern world, and that it is possible to perform great music.
  • Afterwards – Educational uses:
    • Show how the movie score was created. We will be able to dissect the music used in the film and show students how it was put together.
    • Discuss the variations on a Theme as used in the movie. We will be able to show students how to construct variations, and how they can be used to create a large variety of different sounds.
    • Inspire people to learn more about the “historical ” characters in the movie. The film visits some historical characters, which we can then discuss and elaborate on, both about these characters and the affects they had on music and its composition.
    • Show the making of the music, behind the scenes. We will be able to show students a behind the scenes look at how the movie was made, and specifically how the music was created, recorded, performed, etc.
    • Show how music is recorded for a movie. We will be able to show students in detail how music is done for a movie as opposed to a live performance, as well as show the technology used today to create soundtracks.